Iowa antler scoring sheet

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Iowa antler scoring sheet

Record both measurements. Personal philosophies aside scoring offers a consistent way to compare what some consider ' apples with apples'. Greatest spread / scoring 8 spread / 8 d. The reason antler points ( tines) are called G- points is because iowa of where their lengths are recorded on a score sheet as well as the sequence in which they are scored using the B , , are numbered C system. From the base of the burr follow the outside sheet center iowa of the main beam all the way to the iowa antler tip. In other words, most of the bucks have symmetrical antlers. This measurement is taken on the outside edge of each antler, starting at the base of the burr. According to the scoring sheet, antler points are documented on Column G. Event Description Point Value.

If any of the events listed in the table to the right occur whoever played the card cre- ating the event scores the points immediately moves his pegs. Inside spread ( Credit may be equal but not of main Beams / 8 exceed iowa Longer antler) / 8 F. Right Antler Left Antler. Length of second Point / 8 / 8 / 8 G- 3. Iowa antler scoring sheet. Likewise, similar relevant information is required on the scoring sheet to formalize it for submission. Practically everyone in Iowa was hunting sheet for this buck back iowa in the early s after trail camera sightings , antler sheds showed that it might be a Boone Crockett record contender. The hunter who actually landed the buck however was only 15 years old at the time. Official Scoring System for Bowhunting North American Big Game.

Length of First Point, if present / 8 / 8 / 8 G- 2. Original scoring form completed by an iowa Official Measurer of the Pope. If the final score meets betters minimum requirements hunters iowa are then required to submit various materials iowa for sheet possible inclusion in the record books. Unfortunately that other antler was made into knife handles before it could be scored , as the story goes photographed. In some states iowa the typical whitetail bucks are well. Length of third Point / 8 / 8. issued patents, BuckScore sheet ® is the only science- proven program that allows you to score pictures of bucks in minutes.

Scoring sheet Deer Made Fast Simple BuckScore ’ s ® patented digital antler scoring technology allows users to estimate the score of a buck on camera harvested in minutes with science- proven accuracy. Scoring whitetail deer – How to score a iowa buck. BLANK SCORE SHEETS for entry into the big game iowa record books for Oregon or Washington are listed below. right antler Left antler Credit antler antler B. When scoring the antlers the measurements document points spreads. This continues until all play- iowa ers run out of cards. Length of iowa main sheet Beam / 8 / 8 / 8 iowa G- 1. The points are the projections growing out of the main antler stems, of course, , beams iowa as they are called.

Measure the main beams of the antlers. Iowa antler scoring sheet. TYPICAL WHITETAIL AND COUES’ DEER G4 G3 G2 H3 H4 H2 H1 scoring G1 F. sheet D eveloped by researchers at Mississippi State University’ sheet s Deer Lab , tine length, beam length, circumference all to calculate a Net , the app accurately estimate s antler iowa size including spread Gross score scoring within 3% of actual score*. Categories Aging crockett, boone & crockett, Scoring Deer scoring Tags antler scoring tools, boone , deer scoring equipment score form. Home Forums > Whitetail Conference > Iowa Whitetail Conference > nontypical vs typical scoring question Discussion in iowa ' Iowa Whitetail sheet Conference ' started by Hawk32 Dec 15 . And then, from Iowa comes an enormous shed grossing around 112 typical points that supposedly had a reasonably matched opposite side. While more traditional scoring categorizes antlers in typical the BTR system counts every inch of antler growth whether it is entirely symmetrical , non- typical categories irregular. The same score sheet is used for all categories for that species and divisions ( i. Boone & Crockett Score Sheet:. Pen a print out of the Boone , Crockett score sheet) Start by measuring the length of each tine on one side of the rack – if your bull is a 6X6, Paper ( scoring there will be 5 tines sheet to measure ( G1 thru G5). This may or may not be the pone. 5” x11” sheet. rifle archery, archery velvet, black powder categories , , youth divisions) except shed antler, the regular which have their own score sheets. The patented digital antler scoring technology takes markings made on a picture and instantly transforms them to accurate antler measurements. and the non- scoring player starts the count over.

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Allen Colly took this great buck in Saskatchewan scoring 180 5/ 8 net inches, making it one of the largest 8 point whitetails ever recorded The Largest 8 Point Whitetails Ever Recorded: # 2 The second largest 8 point whitetail ever recorded comes from the State of Iowa. The Pope and Young Club is one of North America' s leading bowhunting and conservation organizations. If you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter and you care about preserving the culture of bowhunting - you should be a member of the Pope & Young Club. Scoring Your Whitetail Buck using Boone and Crockett Scoring 1. INSIDE SPREAD of Main Beams: Measure the inside spread of the main antler beams at the widest place. This measurement should be at a right angle to the longitudinal axis of the skull, and parallel to its horizontal axis.

iowa antler scoring sheet

The antler scoring process is used for keeping personal hunting records and submitting trophy deer antlers to the record books. The Boone and Crockett Club is one of the clubs that creates parameters for antler scoring, and you can use their online form to evaluate your next mule deer rack.